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The Economist called the New Alternatives Fund the “greenest” fund in the United States.” (November 1989)  The Fund started trading in September 1982 and was the first mutual fund concentrating on investing in renewable energy and energy conservation.

We seek to be affirmatively socially responsible by selecting companies that produce materials and provide services that benefit the environment and contribute to a sustainable economy. These include companies that operate to provide:

  • renewable energy
  • recycling and waste reduction
  • clean water and air
  • energy conservation
  • natural and organic food

Seeking Opportunities as Clean Energy Technologies Emerge and Grow

Our advisors believe that come what may to the economy, the areas in which we invest, such as renewable energy,  clean water and clean air, will continue to present opportunities. The Fund officers believe that as clean energy technologies grow and develop, they will become more cost effective and competitive with conventional fossil fuels.

The path is not continuous and there will be many bumps in the road.
But, we expect to do well.

Research and Development: Keeping An Eye on Markets

The Fund Managers subscribe to a number of general and financial publications as well as ones relating to the Fund’s area of interest. The managers review annual reports (Form 10K) and quarterly reports (Form 10Q) of companies as filed with the SEC, as well as various analyst reports, studies of sales and purchases of shares by company officers. The managers review news daily about every company in which the Fund invests.

We proactively invest in:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Environment

  • Fair Employment/No Discrimination

  • Community Investment

  • Human Rights

  • Labor Relations

We do not invest in:

  • Coal

  • Oil

  • Weapons Manufacturing

  • Nuclear Power

  • Animal Testing/Products

  • Gambling

  • Tobacco

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