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Recycling conserves energy and resources. We presently have investments in recycling paper. We seek out other recycling investments such as steel and aluminum. Market changes affect recycling opportunities. From time to time we have invested in recycling plastics, metals, paper and cardboard.

Timberlands Preservation
Concern for preserving timberlands and endangered species has reduced timber harvests. Companies in which we seek investment produce paper boxes by recycling the “urban forest” of waste paper.

Natural Foods
We invest in companies that focus on healthy food with concern for organically grown and pesticide-free products. Producers, distributors and retailers in this industry are currently prospering. However, many of the products cost more so the growth may not survive a poor economy.

When we find suitable opportunities, we invest in railroads, bicycles, canoes and kayaks which reduce pollution and save energy.

Clean Water
We invest in water companies with good records. We also invest in companies that provide filtration of water.

Clean Air
We have investments in companies that clean the exhaust of vehicles, such as catalytic converters. Presently it is difficult to find companies that build and install utility and industrial apparatus. The current administration has not done much to require such equipment.

Natural Gas
Natural gas is the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel. It is also the most promising current source of hydrogen for fuel cells. We invest in natural gas utilities, which are mostly stable and dividend paying. Many of our natural gas investments support cogeneration and fuel cells.

Alternative Energy

Renewable Energy
Wind Power
Solar Power
Ocean Energy
Geothermal Energy
Biomass Energy

Fuel Cells & Hydrogen

Energy Conservation & Enabling Technologies

Other Areas

Natural Foods
Clean Water
Clean Air
Natural Gas

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