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Energy Conservation
Conservation includes building insulation and more efficient lighting, motors and electrical equipment. Efficient glass keeps heat or cold in or out while letting light in.
Co-generation uses a single fuel to produce, simultaneously, electricity and heat or cooling. For example, a hospital may use the same fuel and equipment to simultaneously produce steam heat, hot water and electricity – yielding a lower fuel bill for the hospital than if additional fuel was burned for each purpose. This saves fuel and reduces pollution.

We have investments in batteries that are less toxic, easily recharged and which contain a larger charge for a given weight and volume. They serve to store wind and solar energy. They serve hybrid cars. In some cases inverters are needed to convert direct current to alternating current. We seek investments in these companies, too.

Alternative Energy

Renewable Energy
Wind Power
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Geothermal Energy
Biomass Energy

Fuel Cells & Hydrogen

Energy Conservation & Enabling Technologies

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Natural Foods
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