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Alternative Energy includes three main groups:
Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Biomass)
Fuel Cells & Hydrogen
Energy Conservation and Enabling Technologies

Alternative energy
saves natural resources
is environmentally superior to conventional coal and oil.

Wind, flowing water, energy conservation and geothermal heating are ancient but now employ new advanced technology. Technologies such as solar cells, hydrogen and fuel cells and ocean energy are relatively new. All of the technologies operate. The present cost effectiveness of some of the newest technologies varies.

Alternative Energy does not include
Atomic energy

Coal and oil are fossil fuels that cause environmental damage when mined and release pollution when combusted. Alternative energy is cleaner. There may be future technologies for the transformation of coal to a clean source of energy.

We do invest in natural gas which is the cleanest of all hydrocarbons, particularly when used in modern turbines and fuel cells. Natural gas is often used to displace dirtier options.

Atomic energy is not included as an area for alternative energy investment – it is unsafe and expensive. There is
significant potential for accident or attack
unresolved radioactive waste disposal problems
frequent community opposition.
cost of dismantling atomic energy facilities as they mature or depreciate - likely to be greater than the original construction cost.

The Fund may invest in conventional energy companies when they are actively developing or producing such items as photovoltaic solar cells, fuel cells or developing other products and technologies related to the Fund areas of interest.

For more information, see our Areas of Investment.
For more information on specific investments, see our List of Investments.


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